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Our Business

図:Commercial Properties、Residence、Real Estate Solutions、Senior Business、Leisure Business、Overseas Business、Real Estate Fund Business 図:Commercial Properties、Residence、Real Estate Solutions、Senior Business、Leisure Business、Overseas Business、Real Estate Fund Business

Tokyo Tatemono Group provides products and services that meet the needs of corporate and individual customers in diverse fields including the development, lease, sale, and brokerage of buildings, residences, and other properties, as well as the management of properties after occupancy.

Commercial Properties

Tokyo Tatemono engages in urban development and management of commercial properties, mainly in cosmopolitan Tokyo. The company aims to contribute to the future of cities through these activities.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group provides a wide array of property management services including operation, management, and renovation of buildings. As professionals, the group ensures customer-oriented services and provides places that are safe, secure and comfortable.


Tokyo Tatemono handles the built-for-sale housing business focused on properties sold under the Brillia brand, whose key design concepts are refinement and comfort, and the housing leasing business in which it develops and manages properties for rent. In addition, companies in the Tokyo Tatemono Group offer a broad range of services related to residences in a bid to free residents from anxiety for many years to come. These services include residence management after occupation, after-sale maintenance, repairs, and renovation and brokerage.

Real Estate Solutions

In the asset services business, the Tokyo Tatemono Group possesses experts in a wide range of fields, including corporate real estate (CRE) strategy support, brokerage, leasing management, and parking lot operation. These experts provide optimum solutions, such as the planning and management of various real estate applications.

Senior Business

In 2009, we started to operate the business of serviced residences for senior citizens.

In 2014, we entered the markets of home-visit nursing care service and private nursing homes via Group companies.

To cater to the diversifying needs of senior citizens, we operate the senior business within the group , offering residences which give the residents a sense of freedom and nursing services which provide a sense of security, in an integrated manner.

Leisure Business

The Tokyo Tatemono Group has actively developed and operated resort hotels, and has produced places for relaxation since beginning the sales of villas with spas in Yugawara in 1937. We run the resort business for operating hotels and other facilities, the golf course business for operating golf courses and providing related consulting services, and the hot bath business, with Group companies standing at the center of these operations.

Overseas Business

We operate our business overseas mainly focusing on sales of condominiums in collaboration with a major Chinese developer. In Singapore, We open a new base to look for new business opportunities in the Asian market.

Real Estate Fund Business

Tokyo Tatemono Group has been offering a variety of real estate investment products such as Tokyo Tatemono Invest-Plus, and the J-REIT.