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Tokyo Tatemono's Development Tokyo Tatemono's Development

Tokyo Tatemono Group provides products and services that meet the needs of corporate and individual customers in diverse fields including the development, lease, sale, and brokerage of buildings, residences, and other properties, as well as the management of properties after occupancy .

Urban Development to contribute to the future of cities Urban Development to contribute to the future of cities

Aiming to contribute to the better future of urban cities,
we undertake the urban development business mainly in Tokyo,
an international city, and the facility management business.

Residences that are safe to live in for a long time Residences that are safe to live in for a long time

We undertake the development, sale, brokerage,
and management of residences focusing on the Brillia series,
whose brand identity is 'sophistication and reassurance.'

News Release

Launching of Large-Scale Complex Development Project in theCenter of Yangon, Myanmar521KB
Received same-day applications for al units in the first andsecond rounds of Phase 1 sales937KB
Groundbreaking Ceremony for Office Building RedevelopmentProject in Singapore103KB
Ohayo Child Care Centers to open April 1,2017142KB
Health and Productivity Enterprises (White 500) Certification138KB
Brillia Tower Yoyogi Park CLASSY Model room pre-opening from February 18, 2017987KB
Grapes Tateishi Opens February 28th1106KB
Notice of Distribution Surplus (Dividend Increase)47KB
Contract Regarding Simplified Absorption-type Company Split of Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Tokyo Tatemono Resort Co., Ltd. & Merger Agreement for Simplified Absorption-type Merger with Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Tohnosho Golf Club76KB