We provide spaces, places, and opportunities in towns and cities that will support and shape their future, and that encourage sustainable business and exchanges at office buildings, logistics facilities, and innovation bases, with a constant focus on the people who work and gather there.

Urban development and office buildings

We are developing and managing office buildings and flexible offices and moving forward with urban development projects in major cities throughout Japan, including the global city of Tokyo, as we strive to contribute to sustainable urban development and the future of cities.
We are also leveraging the collective strengths of the Tokyo Tatemono Group and providing a wide range of property management services including operating facilities after the completion of construction, managing buildings and equipment, and doing maintenance and repairs.

Tokyo Square Garden

Otemachi Tower

Hareza Ikebukuro

Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project for Yaesu 1-Chome East Area in front of Tokyo Station (Districts A and B)

Information on for-rent office buildings nationwide

Information on Tokyo Tatemono's office buildings.

Type 1 Urban Redevelopment Project for Yaesu 1-Chome East Area in front of Tokyo Station (Districts A and B)

These mixed-use buildings will be located right in front of Tokyo Station.


This is a medium-scale office building that Tokyo Tatemono has developed with a futuristic view of people, places, and work styles.

Expert Office

These premium rental offices can be used flexibly by one up to 30 or more people.


+ Ours is a series of members-only shared office facilities that facilitate the addition of ideas to business.


This is a space sharing platform for corporations.

Group Companies

Tokyo Fudosan Kanri Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive building management of office buildings, retail facilities, etc., contracting for various construction work (facility renovation, construction work for moving in and out, etc.), PM business, solar power generation business, etc.

Tokyo Building Service Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive management of cleaning services (including daily, regular, and special cleanings) for office buildings, etc.

Seishin Service Co., Ltd.

Comprehensive management (facilities management, office work management, cleaning, security guard services, reception, etc.) of retail facilities, office buildings, hotels, and logistics facilities.


Operation and management of flexible office spaces under the Expert Office brand, in addition to office planning, development, management, and contract management services.

Logistics facilities

Tokyo Tatemono is developing leading-edge logistics facilities that provide safety, security, and comfort and can meet the growing needs for advanced large-scale logistics facilities in Japan's distribution industry. We are developing next-generation environmentally friendly logistics facilities (ZEB logistics) by promoting the installation of solar panels and energy conservation.

T-LOGI Narashino

T-LOGI Fukuoka

T-LOGI Fukuoka

T-LOGI Fukuoka Island City


Environmentally friendly logistics facilities (ZEB logistics) that provide safety, security, and comfort.

Innovation bases

Tokyo Tatemono is striving to create a business environment (innovation ecosystem) that generates a virtuous cycle of the development of new industries and economic growth that lead to innovation, through the accumulation and collaboration of various players that are working toward sustainable urban development. We are developing and managing a variety of co-creation bases centered on the Yaesu-Nihonbashi-Kyobashi (YNK) area, where we have based the company's head office since our founding.

City Lab Tokyo


BAG-Brillia Art Gallery-


City Lab TOKYO

This is an open innovation base for the creation of sustainable cities and societies.


This is a shared office-type of incubation facility for sharing work spaces with venture capital. It supports the creation and growth of new businesses.


This facility provides a place for global startups to gather and form a community, with the aim of contributing to achieving the SDGs and solving issues in society.

BAG-Brillia Art Gallery-

The BAG-Brillia Art Gallery- runs various programs and exhibitions on the theme of art in daily life, while striving to connect artists with local communities.


This is a forum for innovation and business creation, based on the concept of an idea exchange as a place for sharing ideas.


This food lab aims to Update the industry on the world food scene, and test, verify and implement them to help solve issues in society.

Kitchen Studio SUIBA

This shared kitchen space aims to create a place for people to gather and enjoy themselves, and cultivate a diversity of food cultures.


This bar is based on the concept of connections. With different staff every day acting as "connectors," the bar aims to create connections through stylish encounters and exchanges with others.


The history of Tokyo Tatemono Group's overseas development stretches back to the early period of our establishment, when we launched a business in Tianjin, China at the beginning of the 20th century. A century later, we have established local corporations in Shanghai and Singapore and are now developing businesses for consulting, as well as developing complexes primarily in China and ASEAN countries including office buildings, condominiums, and retail facilities.

Sukhumvit 26 Project (Bangkok, Thailand)

Sathorn 12 Project (Bangkok, Thailand)

Xuzhou Chengbei Project (Xuzhou, China)

Yangzhou-East Project (Yangzhou, China)


We provide consulting services for real estate development in China, including several projects in which Tokyo Tatemono and Vanke, the largest real estate developer in China, participate.


We are moving forward with developing real estate and collecting information in ASEAN countries.

Group Companies

Tokyo Tatemono (Shanghai) Real Estate Consulting Co., Ltd.

Real estate consulting in China.

Tokyo Tatemono Asia Pte. Ltd.

Singapore-based real estate development business and other businesses in the emerging markets of Asia.

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