Our corporate philosophy is "Trust beyond the era." The value we provide to society is founder Zenjiro Yasuda's principle of "The customer always comes first" and the trust backed by the credibility we have cultivated in over 125 years of business since then.

Corporate Philosophy

Trust beyond the era. We aim to grow the Company and to create a prosperous society,
taking pride in the level of trust placed in us for more than a century.

Corporate Stance

We support affluent and dream-filled living.

Tokyo Tatemono supports the creation of a lifestyle culture through residential development, management, and consulting,
so that everyone can live dream-filled lives.

We aim to create comfortable urban environments.

Through the development and operation of office buildings and retail facilities,
Tokyo Tatemono aims to realize urban spaces where everyone can work, play, and relax comfortably.

We create worthwhile spaces offering peace of mind.

Tokyo Tatemono provides relaxation of the mind and body, and creates time and space to realize peace of mind in harmony with nature.

Corporate Logo

Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.

The symbol of the corporate logo is designed based on the letter "T." The letter "T" represents the Tokyo Tatemono company name and the word "trust." The corporate logo expresses future expansion and development and symbolizes our corporate philosophy of "Trust beyond the era."
The symbol also uses the corporate color "Tokyo Tatemono green." This color is defined in the group colors to be used throughout the Group.

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