The Tokyo Tatemono Group defines compliance as complying not only with laws and regulations, but also with social norms and corporate ethics. This approach builds a long-lasting relationship of trust with society and allows us to continue sound corporate activities. We believe companies must respond sincerely to the needs of people in our surrounding environment, including our customers, local communities, employees, shareholders and investors, and business partners. In June 2009, the Group established a shared Compliance Charter for group companies. This charter is our pledge to society to promote corporate activities that are committed to unwavering compliance.

The Tokyo Tatemono Group conducts annual compliance training for all Group employees (including contract employees, temporary and part-time workers, etc.).Through these efforts, we have established an organizational and educational structure that ensures a high level of compliance awareness at all times.

Compliance Charter

As we engage in corporate activities, we observe the Compliance Charter below:

  • We adhere to laws, regulations, and other rules and engage in fair, sound corporate activities.
  • We act faithfully by thinking from the customers' standpoint.
  • We contribute to making society better through corporate activities.
  • We respect the personalities and values of each other and main- tain a comfortable working environment.

Established June 2009

Compliance Codes of Conduct

1-1.Comply with laws and regulations

1-2.Maintain proper relationships with partners

1-3.Engage in fair competition

1-4.Maintain proper relationships with governments and administrations

1-5.Reject relationships with anti-social forces

1-6.Engage in proper management of information

1-7.Prohibit dishonest behavior

1-8.Respect corporate assets

2-1.Respond sincerely to customers

3-1.Exercise consideration for the environment

3-2.Engage in timely and appropriate disclosure, conduct appropri- ate tax reporting

3-3.Practice co-existence with local communities

4-1.Respect human rights and prohibit discrimination

4-2.Prohibit harassment

4-3.Provide a comfortable work environment


As a system for promoting compliance, the Group has estab- lished a Risk Management Committee and, as a subordinate body of this, a Compliance Subcommittee. The Risk Manage- ment Committee, which is chaired by the President, oversees risk management and compliance for the Group. The Compli- ance Subcommittee, chaired by the director in charge of the Legal & Compliance Department, conducts specialized deliber- ations in a flexible manner, considering compliance measures, monitoring progress, and addressing compliance risks.

The Tokyo Tatemono Legal & Compliance Department sup- ports and guides the compliance-related operations of group companies. This Department also aims to improve compliance functions throughout the Group through collaboration between and among group companies.

Compliance Structure

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