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Commercial Properties

Urban Development
To Contribute to the Future of Cities

Tokyo Tatemono engages in urban development and management of commercial properties, mainly in cosmopolitan Tokyo. The company aims to contribute to the future of cities through these activities.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group provides a wide array of property management services including operation, management, and renovation of buildings. As professionals, the group ensures customer-oriented services and provides places that are safe, secure and comfortable.

Our Attitude Toward Urban Development

With our motto for Urban Development "Human Building," we strive to ensure that customers using our facilities feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Human Building

The Group's business

The Group's business

The Group's business

Development and management

Tokyo Tatemono

Tokyo Tatemono engages in urban development and management of commercial properties.

Management, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Tokyo Fudosan Kanri

The company operates facilities, suggests renovation plans, and undertakes renovation, renewal of facilities and more. The company also advices on designing and construction from the viewpoint of building maintenance.

Tokyo Building Service

Tokyo Building Services provide cleaning services for commercial properties under its corporate philosophy of "Harmony between people and the environment" and its motto of "Clean & Smile."

Operation of Commercial Facilities


The company provides services for property management, consulting, sales promotion to shopping mall facilities.

Office Leasing and the Rental Hall

Office Leasing

Tokyo Tatemono provides offices with accessible locations, convenient facilities, advanced equipment, and reliable building management services.

Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Hall

Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Hall is located in front of the Tokyo Station. It is an authentic music hall suitable for the performance of classical music. The hall also serves other purposes such as lectures, meetings, and exhibitions.

Our Projects

Otemachi Tower

Genuine Forest at Otemachi

(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

It is a new landmark at Otemachi.
Otemachi Tower is located at Otemachi 1-chome;one of the most important business street in Japan.

Otemachi Forest
Otemachi Forest, as large as 3,600 m², is a genuine forest.
It is an unprecedented development with various elements such as cool spot effect, countermeasures against urban flooding, and contribution to biodiversity.
It's commercial zone targets mainly women who work in Otemachi. The concept is "convenient for women."

Tokyo Square Garden

One of the most environmentally considered buildings in Japan

(Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

It is located near the Tokyo Station and is directly connected with the Tokyo Metro Kyobashi Station. Five stations and 24 railway lines are available. It boasts one of the largest floor areas among buildings near the Tokyo Station and has a superior environmental performance.

Kyobashi no Oka (Kyobashi Hill)
Kyobashi no Oka is a greenery space, which is 6 stories high and as large as 3000m².It helps lower the temperature and is also part of the Green Road Network and Kaze no Michi projects initiated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
Business Support Facilities
The building includes business support facilities that are appropriate for cosmopolitan Tokyo. These include a large convention hall, a medical facility with services available in English, and a facility for child care.

Nakano Central Park

The stage for a new working style, surrounded by a vast green area

(Nakano-ku, Tokyo)

Nakano Central Park was developed in a large, approximately 16.8-hectare redevelopment area located near Nakano Station.

Providing a new working style
A new working style, that uses green open spaces for business and communications, is available here. The total area of the green open space, including Nakano-Shikinomori Park and Park Avenue, is approximately 3 hectares. Wireless LAN and outdoor decks, are available here.
Support for business continuity of tenants
The building boasts high seismic capacity and uses a three-circuit spot network for receiving electricity. In addition, the building has dedicated facilities for supporting the business continuity of its tenants, including a space for installing emergency power generators, disaster stockpile storage, outlets and toilets to be used during power outages.

SMARK Isesaki

One of the largest shopping centers in the north Kanto area

(Isesaki-shi, Gunma)

It offers new lifestyles and ways of living to the local community as a communication base.

Installed the largest monumental and vertical wind power generation equipment in Japan.
We run wind power generation using known as the "Akagi strong wind" of Joshu. Electricity produced by this system will be used as the batteries for daytime electric power at the shopping center as well as night time LED illumination.

FUNDES Suido-bashi

Compact urban commercial facilities

(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

It tenants are mainly composed of restaurants that are enjoyable for local workers and students.

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