Support for the Empowerment of Women

Policy and Concept

As the empowerment of women progresses and the ideal lifestyle and happiness of women diversifies, support for the changes to the diverse ways of life in both residences and offices is necessary.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group incorporates the point-of-view of women in the development of housing and believes in supporting the empowerment of women by supporting their lifestyle through housing development.
In addition, we understand their challenges through questionnaires for female employees and incorporate solutions in facility plans for buildings with the aim of a comfortable work-friendly office for women.

Index and Performance

Index Up to 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total
Number of properties participating in Bloomoi 5 properties 2 properties 4 properties 2 properties 13 properties

Project Bloomoi: Thinking About Housing that Brings More Happiness to Working Women

Tokyo Tatemono has carefully researched the insights of working women and has been advancing the Brillia Bloomoi Project since 2012 to consider and promote the realization of housing that responds to the diversified needs. We hope to broadly support not only working women but include women who are engaging in household affairs, childcare, nursing care, community contribution, and learning at schools in this project.
The members of this project mostly made up of female employees of our company value sympathy, dialogue, and co-creation and believe in lifestyles in which working women can live unique lives with more happiness. Bloomoi, a word coined by combining bloom and moi (me), incorporates the meaning of seeing the many smiles and talent of working women fully bloom with grace.
In this project, we not only conduct product development in the floor plans of the condominiums and the housing facilities but also expand it from the soft perspective, including management and aftercare services, to continually bring out products that take advantage of the Bloomoi idea.

Searching for Co-creation Needs

Working women in fact have a wide range of life styles. Bloomoi builds new business schemes of building through the co-creation process. We examine the insights of working women through efforts such as events, dialogue, and Facebook and bring those insights into product planning. The floor plans and facilities designed based on the survey results and feedback we receive will brush up planning after an exchange of ideas with working women.

Bloomoi Co-creation Concept

Bloomoi Co-creation Concept

Bloomoi Co-creation Process

Bloomoi Co-creation Process

Adoption of Multiple Bloomoi Project Products at Brillia Oyama Park Front

Brillia Oyama Park Front, which is a condominium in the works set to be completed in October 2018, is located in a convenient location within a 2 km distance from the city center of Ikebukuro on the Fukutoshin line that is progressing with the re-development project, and predicts many of the residents will be working women. This property has adopted facilities developed in the Bloomoi project in each location so that working women will live with more happiness.
In addition to Bloomoi Pocket and Bloomoi Library, we have equipped the interior of the model room with an L-shaped sofa and wall storage. Moreover, select kitchens and washstands chosen to match lifestyles with a track-record of use in many other Brillia buildings have also been adopted.

Bloomoi Library

Bloomoi Library
A workspace to conduct small tasks when there is extra time such as breaks during cooking has been installed next to the kitchen. This can become a sleek space by closing the door when visitors show up suddenly.
(Left: When open/Right: When closed)

TOPICSProposal of Office Environments Friendly to Women

The Empire Building completed in September 2017 was a reconstruction business conducted jointly with Empire Motor following the deterioration of the head Empire Motor head office building. We poured our strength into a work-friendly office for women that of course provided the latest functionality and high earthquake resistance. We conducted a survey with the female employees who work at Tokyo Tatemono and reflected the feedback we received in the plans for the facility.

Installation of Bench with Fitting Board in Dressing Rooms

Installation of Bench with
Fitting Board in Dressing Rooms

Installation of a Compartment in the Powder Corner of the Restroom with a Refreshing White Tone

Installation of a Compartment in the Powder Corner of the
Restroom with a Refreshing White Tone