Responding to an Aging Society

Policy and Concept

The birthrate is declining and the ratio of elderly people has been growing in recent years in Japan. It is expected that more than 30% of the total population will be over 65 years of age in 2025. Amid this situation, enhancing ideal final housing or nursing care and medical services are important social issues. Tokyo Tatemono Group places the Senior Business as the third pillar of business next to the Office Buildings Business and Residence Business.
With Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support at the core, we aim to offer a rich life through the integration of housing and services by providing housing services and nursing care for the elderly.
We also take care in building favorable relationships with residents living in the neighborhood from the planning stage and we strive to build an environment that people are able to live for a lifetime as a member of the local community.

Indicators and Results

Index Up to 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Total
Number of newly equipped residences operated for elderly occupants (residence for elderly people with service and nursing care facilities) 647 units 199 units 158 units 482 units 0 units 1,486 units
Index Up to 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Total number of equipped residences operated for elderly occupants (residence for elderly people with service and nursing care facilities) 647 units 846 units 1,004 units 1,486 units 1,486 units

Building Environments for Living a Unique Life Through Housing and Services

To expand the Residence Business for the elderly, the Tokyo Tatemono Group established Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support that develops and runs residences for elderly people with nursing care services in July 2014. The company runs 15 residences for elderly people with services* as of the end of 2018.
In the Grapes series of residences for elderly people with services that is growing under Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support, we are pursuing an environment where elderly people can live unique lives by providing housing performance and services to realize a lifestyle centered upon people.

  • *
    Residences for elderly people with services are rental homes where people who require nursing care can live freely while using the nursing care services rather than paying an expensive admission fee. These residences are regulated by the Act on Securement of Stable Supply of Elderly Persons' Housing. 238,000 units are available as of December 31, 2018, and the supply continues to grow.

High-quality Living Unique to a Developer

The Grapes series also realizes the high-quality cultivated in the Brillia brand new condominium residence business in addition to offering a barrier-free environment. In addition to the one room units common to elderly residences, various room types up to a 2LDK are available depending on the property to provide a unique life suitable for each resident.
Furthermore, the living environment has been built for the ease of use by elderly people, such as the height settings for switches and other equipment and the adoption of easy-to-clean materials and dimensions.

Suitable for Life in a Wheelchair

Suitable for Life in a Wheelchair

Soft Services Based on Concierge Services

A concierge is always present throughout the day to work with in-home long-term care support services and medical institutions as well as provide optimal support tailored to each resident. Even if the level of nursing care required grows, we are able to provide services at the same level as a private retirement home.
In addition to the accessibility of living thanks to no expensive admission fee, residents can live comfortably in this residence as their final home thanks to a lifetime building lease that does not require the lease contract to be renewed.

Soft Services Based on Concierge Services

Strengthening Nursing Care Functions

In June 2018, we established Tokyo Tatemono Staffing Co., Ltd. by integrating four Tokyo Tatemono Group companies—Care Like, Frontier, Frontier Western Japan, and MedicalLink—that dispatch and introduce human resources primarily to care giving and nursing care facilities.
The corporate merger reinforced the human resource hiring functions by enhancing the efficiency of advertising efforts while raising awareness in addition to strengthening stable human resource dispatching and professional introductions through optimized matching to respond the the insufficient workforce that continues to decline in the nursing care field.

Expansion of the Nursing Care Facility Business

There are some elderly people who prefer nursing care facilities based on things such as state of their health. Seiaien Co., Ltd. had been operating nursing care facilities until its merger with Tokyo Tatemono Senior Life Support in July 2018. The nursing care facility business has grown to four facilities as of the end of 2018.

TOPICSProposing Sports for Seniors to Enjoy

Boccia is a sport in which players compete by trying to get a soft ball as close as possible to a target. This competitive event was devised for persons with grave disabilities that make vigorous movement difficult, such as cerebral palsy or impaired movement of extremities. However, Boccia is becoming popular recently with young and old alike as a sport anyone can enjoy because it does not rely on physical prowess due to the lack of vigorous movement.
Grapes Tateishi has introduced Boccia as a recreational activity in its day services to take advantage of these features of the sport. The rules have even been arranged to provide a more welcoming experience with competitions verses other day service members or day service members versus the staff. Many people were unfamiliar with the sport of Boccia, but everyone was able to have fun thanks to the lack of vigorous movement and simple rules whether a person in a wheelchair or someone suffering from dementia. New challenges provide stimulation. We saw people who are generally pretty quiet open up and communicate while playing Boccia.
The balls used in Boccia are also easy for people laking grip strength to hold, which makes them perfect for various other recreational activities in the day service.

Day Service Members Enjoying Boccia

Facility List

Residences for elderly people with service Nursing care facilities
Owned properties Management properties
  • Grapes Asakusa
  • Grapes Fujimino
  • Grapes With Omori-nishi
  • Grapes Felicity Totsuka
  • Grapes Kawasaki Shinmachi
  • Grape Season Totsuka
  • Grapes Tsujido Nishi-Kaigan
  • Grapes Tateishi
  • Grapes Yoga
  • Grapes Shonan Tsujido
  • Grapes Setagaya Chitosedai
  • Kosha Heim Chitose Karasuyama
  • Grapes Garden Nishi-arai Daishi
  • Grapes J Higashi Ikebukuro
  • Kosha Heim Hirao
  • Adonis Plaza Omiya
  • Sans Souci Kita-Urawa
  • Sans Souci Owada
  • Grapes With Yotsuya