Improving Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Policy and Concept

The Tokyo Tatemono Group believes attention to not only quality from hard aspects such as buildings but also soft aspects such as the services provided to customers in addition to enhancing customer satisfaction are the source of corporate competitiveness.
Therefore, the offices and residences developed by the Tokyo Tatemono Group adopt barrier free and universal designs for the purpose of realizing usability for a diverse range of customers, including the elderly and persons with disabilities. Moreover, we have introduced various systems that reflect customer feedback into our business activities as well as strive to further enhance quality from the customer perspective and improve the satisfaction of our customers.

Improving Quality and Customer Satisfaction in the Office Buildings Business

Philosophy of Human Building

The Office Buildings Business engages in a wide range of initiatives under the concept of Human Building—People are always in the middle so that the customers who are using our buildings feel safety, security and comfort from not only the hard aspect of quality but also the soft and service aspects.
We instill this concept deeply in the people who work in the Office Buildings Business and have defined the Ideals (Target) and Five Actions (Code of Conduct) valued every day in our work according to the Human Building concept to further drive our efforts.

Improvement Founded in Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In the Office Buildings Business, we are conducting customer satisfaction surveys once every year for the tenants who occupy our office buildings.
We hear from our customers first-hand and are furthering improvements based on the needs of customers from the perspectives of safety, security and comfort. Moreover, by sharing measures for improvements with relevant departments, we are also improving customer satisfaction even further.

Examples of Measures to Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Distribution of a disaster prevention pocket guide (smartphone/English versions also available)
  • Installation of AED and introduction of short courses
  • Installation of stockpiling boxes in elevators
  • Renovations of common areas such as restrooms and office kitchenettes, etc.

Renovations of a Restroom Leveraging Customer Feedback

Renovations of a Restroom Leveraging Customer Feedback

Human Building Competition to Realize the Safety, Security and Comfort of Our Customers

The Tokyo Tatemono Group holds the Human Building Competition annually as an event to facilitate informational sharing and communication in which every company involved with the Office Buildings Business participates. Roughly 500 people participated in the eighth competition held in February 2018.
In this competition, we not only share the corporate policies of the Office Buildings Business but also realize the safety, security and comfort of customers as well as introduce and commemorate many excellent examples that embody the Human Building philosophy of the Tokyo Tatemono Office Buildings Business. By sharing favorable examples and cultivating interaction between Group employees, we expect to realize even greater improvements that connect to the safety, security and comfort of customers.

Human Building competition

Human Building competition

Good Job Idea Competition to Strengthen On-site Capabilities

Tokyo Real Estate Management, which conducts building management, has introduced the Good Job Idea Award commendation system since 2015 thanks to an idea suggested internally to heighten customer satisfaction through on-site capabilities.
We are increasing awareness about "kaizen (betterment)" by gathering together many "kaizen activities" conducted at each workplace on a dedicated sheet in addition to enhancing on-site capabilities and improving customer satisfaction by sharing those efforts.
We select and commemorate relevant proposals each quarter on-site, such as at each Group branch, branch office, and Project Management (PM) business and collected 301 examples in fiscal 2018.
In addition, we are holding a Good Job Idea Competition every November, which selects and announces examples representative of that fiscal year from each site. This competition announces the carefully selected kaizen examples and chooses each winner, including the first prize through a vote. The Good Job Idea Person of the Year Award is also selected to commemorate the person with the largest number of proposals. By sharing kaizen examples through these initiatives, we are heightening awareness about "kaizen" and improving customer satisfaction.

Renewal of Commercial Complexes Incorporating Feedback from Mothers Raising Children

The SMARK Isezaki commercial complex has been renewed to enhance the environmental performance of the facility as it celebrated its tenth anniversary in November 2018. When thinking about the renewal, we launched the [Hapimama PLUS] project to listen to and achieve ideas from the mothers raising children who are the core SMARK customer base. We talked directly with mothers who are raising children to hear their ideas and desires, and then reflected those ideas and desires in the renewal to create a place to spend time comfortably and safely.

Examples of Ideas Realized Through the [Hapimama PLUS] Project

Food Court
  • Booth seating to easily use with strollers
  • A space with a raised floor to take off your shoes and relax
  • A storage space dedicated to strollers
  • Installation of DVD monitors
  • Installation of garbage cans for each diaper changing station
  • Installation of milk preparation stations
Kids Space
  • Setup of play areas by age taking into account safety
  • Installation of sufficient benches for guardians

Side Parking Spaces for Mothers
Installation of wide parking spaces for children to get in and out of vehicles safely

Quality and Customer Satisfaction Improvement in the Residence Business

Brillia Concept

The Residence Business is engaged in the residential condominium business that focuses on the Brillia series, which has the brand concepts of refinement and comfort, as well as the residential management business that focuses on the "Brillia ist" rental condominium series, which emphasizes lifestyles suited to the people who pursue their own unique lifestyle. The underlying concept is Tokyo Tatemono Group's unique preference of "Brillia Quality" that constantly aims to achieve and maintain advanced comfort which is difficult to obtain. We have built a unique system to consistently provide various functions that lead to the comfortable life of customers, from planning and development to management, repair, renovation, and brokerage, which is realizing Brillia Quality.

Steadfast in Comprehensive Quality Management

In the Brillia series, we have established design guidelines that realize refinement in addition to strict standards and management systems to offer our customers comfort.

Acquisition of the ISO9001 International Quality Standards

Use of the Housing Performance Indication System

Quality Checklist with Roughly 1000 Item

We have put in place detailed regulations for architecture, construction, and facilities and operate in accordance with this checklist.

Quality Discussions to Double-check Quality Until Construction

Two quality checks, Prior Quality Discussion and Quality Discussion are conducted before the actual construction. The management and design companies exchange their opinions and work to improve quality.

Checks for various inspections (on-site inspections of test piles, building frame inspections, etc.) at each stage

Reports to Customers (Building Reports)

We report the building status to customers who have purchased a property as an initiative related to comfort.

Quality Management until Completion

Quality Management until Completion

Brillia Construction Site Tour

In the Brillia series, we implement construction site tours based on the belief that this helps build comfort by providing information to customers.
The tour guided by on-site staff explains construction and enables customers to see each stage of construction which cannot be seen after completion. Customers have told us these tours are easy to understand because they provide explanations that use specific examples without technical terminology.

On-site Tour of Framework and Concrete Walls

On-site Tour of Framework and Concrete Walls

Brillia Aftercare Support

In the Brillia series, we are providing a variety of services from both hard and soft aspects so that our customers can live comfortably from when they move in through their daily life until they sell under the "comfort after residing" theme.

Aftercare Support

We are providing unique periodic examinations of residents at the 10, 15, and 20 year marks in addition to periodic repairs every two years.
We have also established the industry's top class long-term, five-year aftercare service related to issues with equipment in residential facilities.

Brillia Owner's Dial

The Brillia Owner's Dial is a comprehensive contact window where customers can inquire about residences and life via a single telephone number 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Operators connect customers to the appropriate contact point based on the content of their inquiry.

Value Up Service

This service provides either house cleaning, repairs, collection and disposal, tentative measurements, and the acquisition of certifications for compliance with earthquake resistance standards for free to become the preferred choice of customers. By increasing property value, we support our customers in selling their properties.

Brillia-certified Used Condominium Program

In transactions of used Brillia condominiums, a third-party agency inspects the property in advance and issues a certificate to properties that satisfy the specified criteria.
Anyone can feel comfort in the sale and purchase thanks to a system to guarantee any problems after delivery for up to five years.

Aftercare Support

Aftercare Support
  • *
    Free residence inspections and visual building inspections are limited to customers who have outsourced their management operations to Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support.

Management Quality of Brillia Condominiums

Property managers and the management company support the daily life of customers who live in condominiums. Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support, which has been entrusted with the condominium management of the Tokyo Tatemono Group, formulated Brillia Life Support to fully support the life of customers who live in condominiums. Six promises have been made in Brillia Life Support to realize a refined and peaceful life, which are the brand concepts of Brillia. We will appropriately manage the maintenance of condominiums, work to improve customer services and the response of property managers, properly sustain the value of condominiums, which are a valuable asset of our customers, and support comfortable and peaceful life.

Image of Brillia Life Support

Image of Brillia Life Support

Brillia Training Center for Learning and Exchange of Condominium Management

Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support, which conducts the management of condominiums, has set up the Brillia Training Center to improve the skill and educate mangers about the management operations of condominiums.
The center, which completely updated equipment and other parts of the facility in January 2016, is retrofitting equipment such as the condominium management office, fire-fighting equipment, plumbing systems and piping in addition to conducting broad specialized training for property managers, janitorial staff, and managers.
The center is also holding seminars that play a role in management association operations such as seminars for newly appointed chairpersons and large-scale repair work seminars.
Moreover, Tokyo has certified the center as a vocational training school based on the Human Resources Development Promotion Act and nurtures new condominium property managers through high-quality vocational training.

The training utilizes the equipment, tools, and construction materials that are actually used

The training utilizes the equipment, tools, and construction materials that are actually used

Level of Brillia Customer Satisfaction

Brillia earned the top ranking for the second consecutive year in the 2018 Oricon Customer Satisfaction Survey on New Metropolitan Condominiums. This survey determined the rankings based on 5,896 answers from people who actually purchased a new condominium within the last 11 years. In terms of the ranking by each item of the survey, Brillia earned the top ranking in location, structure and design of the condominium, structure and design of the unit, systems in the unit, common facilities, and a reasonable price while earning the second spot in the provision of information, aftercare services and pre-delivery inspections.

Brillia Renovations

We provide services in the Brillia brand for reforms, repairs and renovations of the living space tailored to shifts in the lifestyles of our customers. Brillia Renovations is a renovation plan to provide safety and comfort to daily lifestyles by offering original Brillia equipment specifications while living up to quality standards even as households age over time.
Customers are able to choose from two different renovations plans from a clear pricing system. Updating the interior and equipment without changing the layout of the residence can provide a basic renovation to enhance the space and functionality while renewing everything from the piping to the floor plan can provide a skeleton renovation to enhance even the performance hidden throughout the residence.
Brillia Renovations provides the same aftercare service to ensure the same long-term assurances as the standards for new Brillia construction (two-year interior warranty/five-year system warranty) to sustain the Brillia quality and support the peace-of-mind of residence living in the home.

Example Before/After Renovation (Skeleton Renovation) Revised Floor Plan for Spacious Living Space Free of Partition Walls

Brillia Design Award Internal Commendation System

Always improving refinement and comfort, which are brand concepts, is indispensable to continually earn high praise for the Brillia brand.
The Residence Business introduced the Brillia Design Award commendation system to facilitate even greater refinement.
This commendation system judges the designs every year of condominiums completed each year from January to December and recognizes distinguished properties.
In the evaluation, employees of the Tokyo Tatemono Group evaluate condominiums focusing on whether designs are able to realize a high level in six items— (1) overall plan, (2) exterior, (3) approach and entrance, (4) landscape, (5) general common areas, and (6) details.
Through this commendation system, we are sharing excellent examples to facilitate refinement of the Brillia brand in addition to improving the awareness and motivation of employees about design.
At the Brillia Design Award 2018 (properties completed in 2018), Brillia Shinagwa-Togoshi Parks won first prize and Brillia Oyama Park Front won the award for excellence. Brillia Shinagawa Canal Side, which was highly evaluated for the level of refinement in the daily flow of traffic, was awarded a category award as well.

Exterior and Entrance of First Prize Winner Brillia Shinagawa-Togoshi Parks

Quality and Customer Satisfaction Improvement in the Leisure Business

Regina Resort to Relax Together with Your Beloved Dog

In recent years, pets have come to be seen as a member of the family and the number of accommodations allowing pets is growing. However, this is only a minimum of allowing pets while there are only a few facilities that realize an environment where both people and pets can feel comfortable in the accommodations.
Regina Resort run by Tokyo Tatemono Resort always keeps in mind guests accompanied by their beloved dogs from the planning stage of facilities. This resort hotel is able to accommodate beloved dogs comfortably, from floors resistant to damage and dirt, various amenities, private dog runs for each guest, and insurance systems for indemnification of accidental damage to facilities.
As a resort hotel, Regina Resort also brings high-quality and enhanced services in addition to creating new value as a resort where people and beloved dogs can both relax.
In 2018, Regina Resort Biwa Lake Nagahama, Regina Resort Kamogawa, and Regina Resort Hakone Sengokuhara newly opened and the total number of resorts became nine in the Kanto Koshinestu area.

Regina Resort Kamogawa is the first Regina Resort to have a dog fitness area. It offers fitness programs such as river pool and tread mill for dogs.

Regina Resort Kamogawa is the first Regina Resort to have a dog fitness area. It offers fitness programs such as river pool and tread mill for dogs.

Ofuro no Osama Space Offering Safety, Comfort, and Relaxation

The bath is one simple luxury rooted in Japanese culture, and we believe providing a relaxing space helps build an affluent society.
Ofuro no Osama run by Tokyo Tatemono Resort focuses on heightening community engagement, interaction, and communication as well as aiming to be a health promotion and preventative medicine facility. We are expanding these establishments that combine unique bathing facilities and restaurants to 10 branches in the southern Kanto area.
Ofuro no Osama always puts its strength into sanitation management so that we may comfortably accommodate customers. In addition to cleaning, sterilizing and testing the water quality of the baths, we clean the piping three times per year with hydrogen peroxide. We have created a manual for each branch about sanitation management in restaurants and conduct sanitation inspections through specialized external professionals.
Through these types of initiatives, we are striving to provide a space where customers can relax in comfort.

Spacious Open-air Bath (Ofuro no Osama Oimachi shown in the picture)

Spacious Open-air Bath (Ofuro no Osama Oimachi shown in the picture)

Water with hydrogen peroxide is cycled to sterilize pipes

Water with hydrogen peroxide is cycled to sterilize pipes