Risk Management

Policy and Concept

The Tokyo Tatemono Group strives to manage risks that have the potential to impact the businesses of the Group to heighten the stability of corporate value. We put in place a risk management system to continually monitor and control risk and provide comprehensive risk management. We have established risk management regulations and put in place a risk management structure to monitor and control ongoing risks as well as fully manage risk.
Furthermore, in the preparation of the risk management structure, we referred to the ISO-31000 international risk management standards and the JIS-Q-31010 Japanese standards.


We categorize and manage investment risks, financial risks, operational risks, internal control risks and general risks that are aggregate risks as vital risks that have a potential to greatly impact the management of the Tokyo Tatemono Group.
General risks are stored in the Corporate Planning Division, which is the department in charge of managing risk, and the Internal Control Committee debates and manages the internal control risks (internal control risks and compliance risks) among those general risks with the President as chair.
We also review policies to respond to general business risks through the Group Management Meeting and other means.
Furthermore, important matters related to these risks are reported to the Board of Directors as necessary and audited by the Audit & Supervisory Board.
We are thoroughly managing risk through a series of processes that include monitoring and improving the operational status of this risk management.

Risk Management Structure

Risk Management Structure

Joint Training in Earthquake Measures with Group Companies

The Tokyo Tatemono Group defined basic policies when an earthquake strikes in the Basic Plan of Earthquake Measures and prepared a manual that includes the initial response, stockpiling and safety confirmation.
In October every year, we conduct collective training in earthquake measures unified with each Group company and confirm procedures such as the chain of command, the division of roles, informational collection and distribution and safety confirmation.

Comprehensive Informational Management

The Tokyo Tatemono Group has defined informational management rules, rules for the handling of personal information, and rules for handling personally identifiable information in order to properly handle the information handled in our operations.
Furthermore, we have put in place an informational management system with the person responsible for supervising the management of information at the core.
We are also strengthening management such as that of personal information and confidential information through informational management audits through the Internal Audit Division.