Respect of Human Rights

Policy and Concept

The Tokyo Tatemono Group raises the respect for personalities and values in the Compliance Charter.
We formulated the Tokyo Tatemono Group Compliance Manual to ensure the Compliance Charter is put into practice, which defines compliance as a code of conduct related to the respect of human rights, the restriction of acts of discrimination and harassment, and the guarantee of a work-friendly work environment.
We have also raised the realization of a satisfying working place in the Human Resource Policy.


We established the Internal Control Committee to discuss general internal control risk, including compliance of the Tokyo Tatemono Group, to promote human rights and other compliance issues.
The Internal Control Committee supervises the Group compliance activities.

Human Rights Initiatives

The Tokyo Tatemono Group defines the restriction of acts of discrimination and harassment as well as the guarantee of a work-friendly environment as part of the Compliance Manual, which is a code of conduct to put into practice the Compliance Charter. We fully raise awareness about compliance by distributing the Compliance Manual to employees and posting it at offices. Furthermore, we are conducting compliance training every year.
We are also preventing and quickly resolving harassment and other issues through the Tokyo Tatemono Group Helpline, which is a common consultation and reporting window throughout the Group, and Compliance Surveys while also taking the appropriate response to the consultations and reports we receive on the helpline and the survey results.
Please see the pages below for specific initiatives.

Initiatives to Improve the Working Environment

The Tokyo Tatemono Group links to health insurance associations and conducts a wide range of initiatives to improve the health management of employees.
In addition to support to quit smoking, we work to understand and prevent the health risk characteristics of employees and encourage early diagnosis.
Furthermore, we support voluntary health management of employees through a welfare plan. As mental health initiatives, we also implement self stress checks for employees every year in addition to starting cooperation with psychiatric advisors to put in place a support system.
In addition, we have been continually introducing measures to prevent overtime since 2008 and are realizing a reductionin long working hours.
Please see the pages below for specific initiatives.