Human Resource Development

Policy and Concept

Tokyo Tatemono actively strives to develop the skills of employees based on the belief that the employees themselves are the foundation of sustainable corporate growth.
We have revised various systems related to human resources in 2012 for the purpose of strengthening workplace building that creates added value and human resource development and innovating organizational culture with not only optimization of individuals and departments but also the entire organization.
As part of the innovation, the Human Resource Policy was formulated and used as a foundation to build a human resource development system.

Human Resource Policy
  1. Developing ideal human resource Ideal human resource: person that is trusted and that opens new avenue for the future
  2. Realization of a satisfying working place where employees can feel their growth

System (Human Resource Development System)

Tokyo Tatemono has set the first five years after joining the company as a time to focus on developing young employees by implementing a collective training program that includes basic business training (logical thinking, marketing, management strategy, etc.).
Furthermore, for the purpose of experiencing and gaining the broader knowledge required for employees of a comprehensive real estate company, they are rotated around to experience about three departments in the ten years after joining the company for new graduate recruits.
To strengthen the OJT development cycle in the workplace, training for managers who are the instructors and counseling system for new recruits have been implemented.
The operation status of these initiatives is monitored through regular interviews by the Personnel Division.
We are providing enhanced programs such as volunteer type internal training and external dispatch training as well as multi-industry social training for mid- and higher level employees to cultivate a self-learning climate for employees.
Training for managers includes training to enhance daily line management such as training for evaluators and mental health and line care training, in addition to dispatching employees to external training agencies such as business schools to enhance their strategic perspective and management capabilities.
In addition, we have established self-enlightenment programs and support systems to acquire certifications to assist in independent learning through all levels of employment. Furthermore, we support learning English and Chinese and dispatching employees to overseas training considering future global expansion.

2019 Annual Training System (Summary)

Collective Group Workshops for New Employees for Group Synergy

Tokyo Tatemono Group has positioned providing amazing value through innovative group synergy as one important strategy based on the Medium-term Business Plan to continue to be the leading choice.
We are conducting Group workshops for junior employees as one initiative to drive Group synergy. In 2018, we conducted camp-style introductory training (four days and three nights) right after new graduates joined the company and held a Group athletic meet for the purpose of improving the power of unity after six months of employment.
Furthermore, we have prepared various collective training programs for the third year after joining the company to support the building of relationships able to drive Group synergy.

TOPICSThird-year Collective Group Workshops Together with Group Companies to Drive Group Synergy

In January 2018, 51 third-year employees from five Tokyo Tatemono Group companies (Tokyo Tatemono, Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales, Tokyo Tatemono Amenity Support, Tokyo Real Estate Management and Nihon Parking Corporation) gathered over two days for training to learn how to create a foundation for Group synergy.
In this large collective training for new third-year employees, we were able to deepen the understanding of the businesses that are being cultivated at each company and debate topics such as the ideal form of the entire Group and the business environment as individual teams.
On the last day of training, each team presented ways to drive Group synergy in addition to new businesses and services to realize in the next five years for an audience which included executives and general managers.


Overseas Training for Global Human Resource Development

Tokyo Tatemono conducts overseas training for the purpose of heightening a global mind as business expands more and more globally.
Furthermore, as a more practical program in 2018, we deployed interns to our local Chinese subsidiary and we conducted training where these interns were able to learn local culture and business trends through actual work experience. In the future, we will also support the growth of human resources who have a desire to take on the challenge of creating new value on a global scale regardless of country.