Work-Life Balance

Policy and Concept

Realizing a work-life balance and increasing productivity have become important issues in the sustainable development of employees and companies amidst concerns about issues of long working hours and mental health grow.
The Tokyo Tatemono Group is conducting initiatives to improve health based on the Group Health Management Declaration.

Tokyo Tatemono Group
Health Management Declaration
The corporate philosophy of Tokyo Tatemono is "Trust beyond the era," which incorporates our will to strive for the growth of the company and the creation of a prosperous society, taking pride in the trust placed in us that extends over a century.
To embody this corporate philosophy, we believe the health of our executives and employees as well as their families is vital.
We see mental and physical health of executives and employees as the source of sustainable corporate growth and actively promote activities for each and every person to maintain and improve their health.
I will strengthen environment to achieve this as the chief executive officer in charge of health management, and I vow that we will endeavor in health management unified as a Group.

Hitoshi Nomura
President and Chief Executive Officer
Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.


We have established Health Committee made up of members from the Personnel Division, industrial physicians, and representatives from each office.
The Health Committee generally convenes once a month for the purpose of improving standards of occupational health in the workplace and encouraging employees to maintain and improve their health.
Moreover, we are working to maintain and improve health throughout the entire Group through exchange between Tokyo Tatemono Group companies.

Index and Performance

Number of paid leave days taken

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2020 Target
Average number of paid
leave days taken
8.8 8.6 8.8 8.7 8.8 30% increase compared to
2015 (11.4 days)
  • *
    Other leave systems such as summer leave and national holidays are also provided (these days are not included in the above figures)

Rate of Health Check-ups

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Target
Rate of health check-ups 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

Health Management Initiatives

Tokyo Tatemono is conducting various initiatives based on the Group Health Management Declaration.

Third-party Evaluation of Health Management

Our sincere efforts toward health were evaluated and received the highest rank in 2014 for distinguished initiatives with the health considerations of employees in the DBJ Health Management Rating run by the Development Bank of Japan.
In February 2018, we were recognized under the Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program (White 500), a program in which the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies companies practicing excellent health management, for the second consecutive year.

Third-party Evaluation of Health Management

Health Improvement Initiatives

Tokyo Tatemono aims to have a check-up rate of 100% for periodic health examinations, and is advancing initiatives to raise greater awareness in all employees about health management (100% rate is sustained since 2011).
We coordinate with health insurance associations to conduct a wide range of initiatives for improving health management.
We promote support to help people quit smoking and have introduced a measure that gives mementos to smokers who have successfully quit smoking.
We also understand the health risk attributes of employees in addition to actively engaging in preventative measures against severe illnesses for non-obese and young people not eligible for special screenings with the purpose of improving health through preventative and early-term treatment.
We also introduced group dental check-ups in 2017 as part of our efforts in health management.

As daily health measures, we are strengthening support to maintain the health of employees by ensuring that the costs required for voluntary health management such as physical examinations, various cancer screenings, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, and health management programs are covered in the Welfare Cafeteria Plan*.
We had also been subsidizing the cost for influenza vaccines up until recently, but we have strengthened the prevention of mass infection during the influenza season by inviting physicians to the company to provide vaccinations from 2016.

  • *
    This plan assigns a set number of points to each employee and they can individually choose a menu of their own within the set number of points. This provides a benefit of being able to put together a menu suitable to individual heazlth needs.

Mental Health Initiatives

Tokyo Tatemono conducts stress tests through on online service every year for all of its employees to properly and easily grasp the stress levels of each employee.
In addition, we are providing mental health counseling via health insurance associations and these counseling services have been made available to employees who have unstable mental health. We started linking to psychiatric advisors in 2016 and have put in place a support system that includes return to work training.
As mental health enlightenment activities, we are conducting training in self-care and employee care overseen by line managers, and newly appointed managers in particular are required to participate in the training for employee care overseen by line managers (100% attendance rate).
We invite sports trainers as lecturers for new employees and conduct training all employees participate.
We understand the importance of mental health for all of our employees and strive in the early diagnosis and prevention of mental health problems.

TOPICSEight Tatemono Group Companies Certified Excellent Under the Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program

Tokyo Tatemono and seven other Group companies have been certified as excellent under the Tokyo Association, National Federation of Health Insurance Societies' Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program and received the Silver recognition.
The Program certifies companies that have vowed to work to improve health as a whole organization (corporate health declaration) and that have satisfied certain results thereafter. Silver is only awarded to companies that receive 80 or more points in the evaluation. Only about 237 companies out of the roughly 900 companies that participated in this program received the Silver Recognition. (As of February 2018, no company has yet to be awarded Gold).
In the future, the entire Group will continue to work to better health.

Group Companies Awarded the Silver in the Recognition Program (Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.)

Group Companies Awarded the
Silver in the Recognition Program
(Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.)

Group Companies Awarded the Silver in the Recognition Program

  • Tokyo Tatemono Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Fudosan Kanri Co., Ltd.
  • E-State Online Co., Ltd.
  • Nihon Parking Corporation
  • Tokyo Tatemono Real Estate Sales Co., Ltd.
  • Tokyo Tatemono Investment Advisors
  • PRIME PLACE Co., Ltd.
  • Parking Support Center Corporation

Work-Style Innovation Initiatives

Tokyo Tatemono has established a Work-Style Innovation Labor-Management Review Meeting with the labor union.
This meeting committee structure anticipates the accomplishment of the Group medium-term business plan and growth thereafter and aims to further improve productivity and efficiency in business execution.
We know conducting work-style innovation suitable to Tokyo Tatemono is necessary and have setup specific measures for debate between labor and management.
We started this activity in April 2017 and have shared the purpose and ideal goals of work-style innovation while having broad discussion between labor and management.
Specific measures to improve productivity in the future will also be debated for adoption as company-wide initiatives.

[Tokyo Tatemono Work-Style Innovation Concepts]
The ideal goal of work-style innovation is to bring about more time, such as more efficiency, to aid in corporate growth as well as individual growth and happiness.

Image of Tokyo Tatemono Work-Style Innovation

Image of Tokyo Tatemono Work-Style Innovation

Initiatives to Reduce Overtime

Tokyo Tatemono has continued measures to prevent overtime since 2008 from the perspectives of work-life balance and employee health management.
We have adopted a system to shut down computers at the standard end of the working day in 2010 to control late-night working hours and prevent overwork. Furthermore, in departments long-working hours occur, we have implemented a framework to fight back by requiring direct supervisors to report improvement measures. Through this type of PDCA cycle, we are striving to reduce overtime (outside working hours) and have reduced overtime roughly 50% (compared to 2008) up until now.
In this way, we are striving to effectively control long working hours from both hard and soft aspects, but we will also actively endeavor even in measures to raise awareness about work-style innovation in the future.

Overtime Trends

(Overtime in the first half of 2008 right before the initiatives is designated as 100. The initiatives started from July 2008.)

Overtime Trends

System to Maintain Careers with Flexibility to Life Events

Tokyo Tatemono has established various systems in which each and every employee can maintain their careers flexibility with life events so that employees that have diverse backgrounds can take an active role.

Leave Program for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Rearing, and Nursing Care

The period of leave necessary for child rearing and nursing care differs according to the living environment of each and every employee. When employees are directly confronted by these transition periods, they may take up to three years of leave for the reason of child rearing and nursing care.

Re-Employment Program for Employees who Resigned Due to Pregnancy, Childbirth, Child Rearing, or Nursing Care

We have established a re-employment program for employees who have resigned due to pregnancy, childbirth, child rearing, or nursing care. As re-employment of employees who have resigned becomes systemized, the program is founded to actively help employees passionate about contributing to society through Tokyo Tatemono who have had to resign for unforeseen circumstances due to the ever-changing living environment to realize that desire.

Program to Accompany Spouses Transferred Overseas

Opportunities to work abroad are growing regardless of gender in a backdrop of globalization and gender equality in employment. Tokyo Tatemono has established a program to recognize leave for up to three years so that employees who have a spouse transferred overseas can consider their family life if choosing to accompany their spouse and live overseas.
Employees who have resigned for this reason are also able to take advantage of the re-employment policy for employees who have resigned.

Support of Club Activities

Tokyo Tatemono put in place approval and subsidy rules for club activities in 2014 and has introduced systems to support the outside activities of employees.
Currently, we are subsidizing rental fees of activity venues and participation costs in competitions for the twelve clubs that have been approved.
Employees of Group companies are also participating, and we are conducting Group-wide activities that go beyond corporate barriers.
Furthermore, each club participates in athletic competitions held by local public organizations and actively communicates with the local community.

Music Club

Music Club