Water Resources

Policy, Concept, and System

As the lack of water worldwide becomes even more severe, developed nations and the rest of the world require ongoing improvements for the efficient use of water. The Tokyo Tatemono Group has raised resource-saving activities that are kind to the earth as one part of the Group Environmental Policy to recognize the importance of water resources, work at water-saving activities and the reduction of our environmental impact through every opportunity while striving to conserve water resources.

Indicators and Results

●Collection Period
  • April to the following March each year
●Collection Scope
  • Facilities required to provide notification under the Act on the Rational Use of Energy
  • *
    The floor area of buildings for reporting changes each year.
●Collection Targets
  • Amount of potable water use/unit consumption

Trends of Floor Area for Reporting
(Standard Unit Load)(revised June 2018)

Trends of Floor Area for Reporting (Standard Unit Load)
  • *
    The unit load is calculated by adding the occupation rate to the floor area of the building for reporting.
    The floor area of the building for reporting changes each year.

Trends in the Amount of Water Use(revised June 2018)

Trends in the Amount of Water Use

Water Resource Initiatives in the Office Buildings Business

In the office buildings owned and operated by Tokyo Tatemono, we have formulated a medium- to long-term repair and investment plan in 20-year increments. We promote systematic renovation construction as well as strive to introduce equipment that contributes to a reduction in the environmental impact during that renovation construction.

[Water Resource Initiatives]

  • Update to water-saving equipment
  • Introduction of automatic flushing devices
  • Halt of outdoor fountains during rainy weather
  • (When developing office buildings) Introduction of equipment to process rain water and greywater inside buildings (re-use for non-drinking purposes)