Cultural and Social Contribution Activities

Policy and Concept

The Tokyo Tatemono Group believes realizing an affluent society through various cultural and social contribution activities helps the sustainable growth of our own businesses.
Therefore, we engage in a variety of social contribution activities, such as cultural and arts activities, educational support, sports promotion, and disaster recovery support.
We contribute urban development, community building in addition to building an affluent society as a member of the local community.

Artist Support at THE GALLERY in the Brillia LOUNGE

Tokyo Tatemono is providing support for various cultural activities such as arts and sports.
As part of these activities, we operate THE GALLERY as an exhibition space setup in a corner of the Brillia LOUNGE on the first floor of the Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building as a place to introduce up-andcoming artists and their artwork. THE GALLERY introduced works from four groups of artists in 2018.
In addition, the Brillia ART AWARD 2019 was held to determine the artists to introduce the next year through a public offering. This award not only judges complete artworks but also production plans. Winners are given a production grant of 200,000 yen and the grand prize winner receives 300,000 yen. The works that are created are rotated and displayed every three months throughout 2019.

Works by Artists Introduced in 2018

Works by Artists Introduced in 2018

Opening Locations to Support Sustainable Urban Development

Tokyo Square Garden owned and managed by Tokyo Tatemono has opened a location to advocate low carbonization of the city called Kyobashi Environmental Station on the sixth floor. The Kyobashi Environmental Station exhibits environmental technologies as well as holds seminars about the environment and urban development.
We also opened the City Lab Tokyo as a sustainable city development site as part of the renovations done in December 2018. City Lab Tokyo offers both co-working space and conference room functions while contributing to cultivating a start-up community and business development.

City Lab Tokyo Co-working Space

City Lab Tokyo Co-working Space

Supporting Disabled Sports

Tokyo Tatemono has been an official partner of Japan Parasports Association since August 2015 as part of its social contribution activities.
We will actively support para-sports through initiatives to popularize para-sports and take part in realizing the philosophy of para-sport for creating a vibrant coexisting society.
In 2018, we promoted people to watch the events by broadcasting event and competition information inside the Group and reaffirmed the recognition of para-sports in an even greater number of employees by watching and cheering on the competitions.
Moreover, we acquired the naming rights to the Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium track and field facility that opened in December 2016 and cooperate in operating the facility. The Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium combines an artificial sports leg development laboratory where people with disabilities can train side-by-side with everyone else.

Interested Employees Gathered to Watch a Competition

Interested Employees Gathered to Watch a Competition

JPSA Official Partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association
Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Shin-Toyosu Brillia Running Stadium

Earthquake Reconstruction Support Through Rice Planting

The Tokyo Tatemono Group aims to build an affluent society through reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and interaction between the city and farming villages, and it supports rice planting activities for the local Teneimai rice from Ten-ei village in Fukushima Prefecture.
Hatoriko Highland Regina Forest Co., Ltd. owned by Tokyo Tatemono Group up until 2016 was located on the outskirts of Ten-ei Village, which began support and other activities with roughly 100 employee volunteers participating.
Employees and their families experience farming such as the rice-planting in spring, cutting weeds in summer, and the harvest in fall while interacting with the local farmers.
The company and these individuals are unified in deepening their understanding of Ten-ei Village and supporting the reconstruction of Fukushima from Ten-ei Village through these activities.

Participants of harvesting rice

Participants of harvesting rice

Supporting Patients with Incurable Diseases and Their Families

Apartments Tower Kachidoki rental condominiums owned by Tokyo Tatemono has concepts to both support the raising of children and to co-exist with the community. The building provides facilities such as certified childcare, family house, pediatric clinic, and residence for a generation raising children. The family house, which is operated by the NPO Family House*, is a second home to use as a residence facility for families that travel to urban hospitals from afar to care for their children with intractable diseases such as pediatric cancer.
Tokyo Tatemono is empathetic to this activity and provides a 130 ㎡ house free of charge that is equipped with two Japanese-style rooms and a common room in the Apartments Tower Kachidoki close to the National Cancer Center Hospital and St. Luke's International Hospital.

  • *
    A certified non-profit organization (NPO) is an organization that receives tax incentives to encourage donations to the organization. NPOs can only be established through the certification system, but the organization must have a certain activity periods and needs to pass an evaluation by a competent authority.
Common Room for Two Families to Spend Leisure Time

Common Room for Two Families to Spend Leisure Time

Donations for Damage from the Torrential Rains in Western Japan

Tokyo Tatemono Group has donated five million yen through the Japanese Red Cross to support reconstruction after the grave damage suffered in the torrential rains that struck primarily western Japan in July 2018.

Fundraising Activities Integrating Art

SMARK Isesaki began a new social contribution activity that takes into consideration contributions to the local region by integrating art in conjunction with the renewal for the 10-year anniversary in 2018. We installed the "coins" Communication Art Collection Box for Jomo-Sanzan (Mt. Akagi, Mt. Haruna, and Mt. Myogi in Gunma Prefecture) created by Artist Jin Hasegawa. We donate the money that is collected to environmental organizations in Gunma Prefecture in conjunction with the commemorative festival held every November.

coins Myogi (Upper Left) coins Haruna (Upper Right) coins Akagi (Lower Left)